Thinking out of the Box

Based on the proven SCD-Technology and the innovative SCDnezzy technology the next development step is to increase the power rating. SCD Technology is a lightweight wind turbine drive train concept to reduce weight, number of parts and increase robustness. These features are ideal for a further development of the floating concept of SCDnezzy. A combination of 2 proven wind turbines on one installation site allows utilizing wind resources more efficient without any shading. The use of already developed wind turbines will decrease the development cost by increasing the power rating per installation point. As innovative floating solution SCDnezzy provides unique features to reduce the technical amount of work and increased simplicity in difficult environments. Especially the self-aligning feature allow for a radical new system designs using the wind more efficient. A single point mooring reduces installation works and allow for an easy exchange in case of main component exchange. Combined with a catenary mooring the system removal after reaching the 25 year end of lifetime the system is able to be removed entirely. This mooring system allows additionally for the smallest possible environmental encroachment. Concrete as foundation material is ideal to improve economics and local souring.

Gathered experience from the SCDnezzy development, the omitted yaw system reduces the tower top weight and system inertia significantly. Combining the low tower top weight with the lift and drag optimized, lens shaped, guyed tower structure SCDnezzy² improves the system integration principles.

aerodyn engineering as owner of the SCD-Technology optimized the turbine design for increased fatigue and floating environments. The two-bladed downwind oriented rotor improves the commissioning and installation work amount due to the proven single lift turbine installation. All necessary works are performed in harbor that power production starts immediately after system installation onsite.

aerodyn engineering provides all technology know-how to integrate SCD-Technology and SCDnezzy technology to a further step in the floating offshore wind turbine industry.